Innovation in Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment & Reporting
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  • Fixed Myometry - An Overview
  • Utilize your existing PC or Notebook on your current network - complimentary to your existing system.
  • Complete, Accurate and Easy to Use
  • Patient Documentation - Progress and Evaluation Report - Self Populating and EASY to use !



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   QMA Fixed Myometry system uses quality components 


  • QMAXL USB system software compliant with all MS operating systems including XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


    • Compliant with Desktop, Notebook or Netbook
    • National Instrument USB acquisition expansion equipment
    • National Instrument PCI Data acqusition equipment.
    • 250 Lbf capacity force transducer
    • Hand dynamometer with analog output.
    • Remote start/stop switch
    • Transfer Enclosure
    • Attaching straps.
    • Patient Documentation

    Fixed Myometry components and optional equipoment: 

  • Utilized for fatigue studies - MND diagnosis, sports training
  • Higher capacity load cells available  500 -> 1000 Lbf
  • Three section Examination Table  (Plinth) -
    a. Electric HIGH/low  18" to 37" (46 to 94 cm)
    b. Width 25"  (64 cm),  Length 76" (193 cm)
    c. Power assisted casters - for table mobility
    d. PermaBLOK3 - vinyl protective coating
    e. Warranty - five years limited warranty
  • Zimmer Orthopedic Traction Frame.
    a. Width 33" (84 cm), Length 106" (269 cm)
    b. Height 84" (213 cm)
  • WallSlide  Fixed Station





AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
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Aeverl Medical Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Evaluation System