Innovation in Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment & Reporting
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"The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI) was specifically developed to accurately and objectively measure the strength and fatigability of the tongue while being, at the same time, easy to use by clinicians."   Ultimately, the degree to which the Company is successful in its mission is based on the degree to which the IOPI proves itself to be an effective instrument to help clinicians help people.  IOPI Northwest Company, is dedicated to providing and supporting instrumentation useful to clinicians who are primarily involved with diagnosis and treatment of individuals with oral motor problems. Deficits in oral strength can affect chewing, swallowing and speech. Central to these purposes is the normal muscular strength of the tongue.   ( )

Dr. Erich Luschei, inventor of the IOPI, has authorized the integration of the IOPI into the QMA System, as a method of assessing jaw, lip & tongue strength and fatigue. 

AEVERL MEDICAL's QMA System permits observation of the effort exerted as a full curve so data points may be observed during the assessment period.   Selfpopulating report generation is available to complete the documentation for comparative analysis and evaluation moments following a visit. 

Personnel of AEVERL MEDICAL are excited to have IOPI integrated into our testing regimen. 

This will permit the IOPI technologies to be assessable to in excess of 125 research and clinical locations in twenty three countries.

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AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
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Aeverl Medical Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Evaluation System

IOPI Tongue Bulb

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