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An abridged interactive demonstratiVE form of the QMA software application is available for your evaluation -
The basic fu
nctions  are present - Setting up a protocol,  Establishing a site, New patient input, Selecting or naming muscle and muscle groups to Test, and Setting the testing Order.

A user guide is provided to assist in the learning process.  

Once set up, test may be conducted - and computer generated testing data may be observed. 
You may print or view data in summary form or in graphs with a patient of your choice.  

Current versions of QMA include patient documentation, and data facilitation of export to excel. 
QMA is compliant with all versions of Microsoft operating systems, including Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10.

QMA Interactive program - Downwload now !   Zip File - 3.53 MB

User Guide for Demo QMA Program - Download now !   156 KB

Encountered a problem ?   Contact techincal support

Your questions, comments and observations are respectfully encouraged - Share you experience and impression


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