Innovation in Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment & Reporting
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Physical Therapist (PT)

The QMA System enables you to document the progress of the patient, easily compare the progress of the patient to previous visits, compare the strength of the patient in individual muscles or muscle groups with an expected normal - based on age, gender, and BMI; and  produce a written report based on the data acquired.

Medicare Reimbursement for Physical Therapy Services

CPT Codes to submit using the QMA System, and estimated Fees
Confirm CPT amounts for your practice location(s)
Confirm the codes and fee amounts with your Practice Manager or Billing Personnel

Add to your Revenue Stream
1. QMA Portable Muscle Testing System

2. Patient Documentation:  Evaluation and Progress Report are automatically populated with patient header and testing information of each visit.
A. Patients Report - Upper and Lower Extremities and Hand Grip
B. Patients Report - Hand Grip and Pinch (Key, Tip and Palmar)
C. Patients Report - Hand Grip (5 positions) and Pinch (key, Tip and Palmar)
D. Patients Report - Hand Grip and Individual Finger  (develop shortly)
E. Patients Report -
Tongue Strength

***Reports may be designed for your individual requirements

F. Functional Capacity Exam - developed for your specific needs

3. QMA Muscle Testing System is registered with the FDA as a class one medical device

For additional information on incorporating the QMA Muscle Strength System into your practice, discussing the benefits, costs and a quotation:


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AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
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Aeverl Medical Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Evaluation System