Innovation in Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment & Reporting
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complete with integrated remote switch

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     1. 100 lbf maximum capacity
     2. Maximum error (accuracy) + .05 %
     3. Small and easy to handle - less than 8 mm in width or height
     4. Input equipment weight .2 kg 
     5. Comfortable  - high density foam
     6. Integrated remote switch permits testing to continue as you stabilize the patient. 

         Get more information on the QMA report generator - patient progress / normal predictor file.   


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Manual muscle testing (MMT) is relatively fast, requires no additional equipment and is normally adequate, but a larger aging population is placing demands on limited resources and soon CMS, insurers and care providers will request additional documentation and objective transferrable data to meet meaningful use (MU) compliance and compensation. 

         Hand held myometry (HHM) is also fast and easy - but provides the additional
         benefit of acquiring accurate consistent digital data, that may be comparatively analyzed 
         longitudinally to the patient's progress, similar group, or to a calculated expected
         amount or normal based on age, gender and BMI.

            Complete a test and move to the next test ---  and never leave the patient
                           Other hand held input equipment components
            1. Hand dynamometer with analog output - grip strength
            2. Pinch dynamometer with analog output - pinch - tip, palmar, key strength
            3. Oral Performance Instrument - Tongue Assessment

Aeverl Medical Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Evaluation System