Innovation in Muscle Strength and Fatigue Assessment & Reporting
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Complete the strength and fatigue testing of your patients with convenience and accuracy.
A complete portable System includes:  a Netbook or Notebook - total weight 2 to 6 lbs -
Hand Grip Strength, Hand Held Myometry  and integrated  remote controller. 

Position and stabilize the patient throughout the assessment period.
Select the muscles to test, or progress through a sequence of testing - Your protocol, your choice.

See the name of the test, Curve or graph of the effort while testing, and calculations of Maximum effort,
Rise time (time to reach maximum) and coefficient of effort.

Optional equipment include precision instruments - pinch strength  (Key, Tip and Palmar ).   
Equipment is available to assess large muscles or higher efforts and may be utilized with an
adjustable platform for fixed myometry testing.

Instruments to assess muscle strength  or fatigue in your specialty are also available; such as tongue strength
utilized in therapy, Speech Pathology and the study of Bulbar ALS.

Document the progress of the patient after completing a visit, with an Electronic Report.  The report may be
generated by a subroutine that automatically populates the form with the patient information and test visit your
request, and includes  each muscle or muscle group tested. 
Calculations are also made to produce the  expected normal amounts of each muscle tested, based on age, gender and BMI.  Comparisons as percentage deviations from the expected amounts, and from previous visits may also be observed. 
The progress of your patient is easily documented, and your observations and evaluation concerning completing
or continuing care completes the form.

With objective data in a completed report, you may easily forward the documentation to the insured's
provider for payment, or to a referring care provider.

"Objective data is appealing, but the muscle strength of our group (athletes) is too strong for hand held myometry "

When stronger or larger muscle groups need to be assessed on a continuing basis, utilize force transducers
that are capable of higher effort measurements and fixed myometry,  choose a  Frame or  WallSlide Station

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  Vertical Length - 6 Ft
  Horizontal Unit Over Head
  May attach S hooks to testing
  Instruments for testing