Quantitative Muscle Assessment "QMA"
  Replicate Manual Muscle Testing (MMT)
with QMA Hand Held Myometry (HHM) in the physical therapy center, clinic or a
non-ambulatory patient's location, and
                            REPEATABLE and
                            TRANSFERRABLE DATA  

  Complete the testing, documenation and report of a patient's visit in minutes.

  The QMA Fixed Myometry testing platform utilizes accurate instruments to provide repeatable and consistent data acquisition to document the longitudinal efforts of your patient/subject population. Your testing protocols, training and encouragement ensure patient participation and data consistency.
 Research  & Longitudinal Studies
 Clinical Evaluation & Physical Rehabilitation
Innovation in Muscle Strength
and Fatigue Assessment
&  Patient Documentation

 Some of our  Clients, Friends and Respected Colleagues,

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     Our clients, associates and colleagues deserve the highest quality in assessment tools & service available.

     The personnel of AEVERL MEDICAL have practiced this belief while delivering professional services to clinics, research institutions and university hospitals for more than twenty years.  We commit our valuable time, incomparable resources and continually increasing experience and expertise, while remaining humble, to provide methodology and tools so you may document the longitudinal study or physical rehabilitation of your patients or subjects.

The objective of AEVERL MEDICAL is to deliver the highest quality tools and professional services that continually exceed the expectation of our clients and colleagues in research studies and clinical evaluation.    Utilized in an excess of 125 research sites, clinics and university hospitals in 23 countries, the QMA system continues to develop to meet the desires and requests of you, our customer.



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  • AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System
    AEVERL Introduces New Muscle Strength & Fatigue Assessment System